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Combat pace inverts, if changing to optics mode
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If you toggle the combat pace, you hold your weapon to the crosshairs and run a bit slower. If you press the RMB ( right mouse button ) to look trough the iron sights/ optics, you untoggle the combat pace as long as you are in the optics mode and runs with the normal speed ( no toggled combat pace ).

now with steps

  1. go to edit mode
  2. toggle the combat pace
  3. walk forward
  4. press RMB/ go to optics mode
  5. now you should see that you untoggle the combat pace
  6. press RMB another time/ exit the optics mode
  7. now you toggled the combat pace

My description is a bit weird, but I hope you know what I mentioned. :D


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It happened after the Up-date. 23rd of may. 2013

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There are multiple tickets about this issue but it hasn't been fixed in the last updates yet.

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Duplicate of #8299. This issue has been resolved internally and the fix will roll out with the next dev branch update.