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Walking, shouldering and accuracy of anti-materiel rifles
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Currently it's possible to fire these heavy weapons accurately while kneeling, standing and even while walking. Firing from unstable positions also allows for accurate rapid fire with almost no sway or fatigue.


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Place OPFOR sniper.
Stand up, aim and hold breath. >> almost no sway
Shoot. >> no recoil to speak of.
Press tactical pace key and walk. >> weapon stays aimed at target
Aim down sight and try to hit man sized target while walking at 100m. >> fairly easy.
Kneel, fire at man-sized targets at 500m as fast as possible. >> easily 1 hit per second.

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But tactical pace should have more sway/drift

nmdanny added a subscriber: nmdanny.May 7 2016, 2:15 PM

It should remain possible to shoulder the weapon for switching to your pistol or binoculars, but I agree that it shouldn't be accurate when moving.

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@Blu3sman: oops, brainfart. I confused the weapon with the older Gépard M1

I'll edit the post to reflect this. Thanks for the correction.

Shouldering should be possible but not for extended periods of time. Hitting targets at 400+ meters should be almost impossible, and above 100m very very difficult.

This applies to MGs as well (though to a lesser degree, depending on the MG).

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