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New horizon - distant detail
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I like to fly a lot but hate the current horizon and lack of distant detail.

Below are some pics of real horizons (that are easy on the eyes) and a battlefield 3 map which sorta depics my idea of a possible solution to this problem.

I'm thinking that rather than make the view distance 100 miles or something crazy, could a moving background be added at the horizon (im not sure of what that's called)? Racing games and such have them, its a background that can never be reached by the player, the distance always appears to be the same (cause it's just a background).

The BF3 map below shows fires and such in the background. It looks great but more importantly it acts as a nice transition between the sky and the ground and doesnt use tons of cpu cause its just a still picture (minus the fires and smoke I suppose). {F19582} {F19583} {F19584} {F19585} {F19586} {F19587} {F19588}


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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug. Background reflects Real LIFE visibility and detail.