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Cchoppers can hop of the ground at high speed with out taking damage, SOMETIMES (Video)
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About 27 clips in 1 min.

First Half: Fast touch and goes with out any damage
Second half: Same touch and goes with random damage

The first part I like. I like that if you gently touch a slippery surface nothing really happens. But gently touching the ground and exploding doesnt make much sence. Should be more consistent and closer to the first part.


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I think this is very silly, a helicopter is a very delicate piece of kit, you clip the ground above 20kts and you will crash spectacularly, especially with skids. With a wheeled helicopter it is much easier but would still cripple the under carriage.

The speeds you were hitting those ridges was too high and would invariable result in a spectacular crash.

These things are really on a knife edge, the slightest instability and they destroy themselves due to the forces involved.

Bottomline - Helicopters are dangerous enough on their own when operating within their own performance limits, doing the peoples Elbow on the ground with your Helicopter is very / I mean Extremely dangerous!

Alot of these helicopters land properly and then spiral out of control, Helicopters are wildly unpredictable when you start hitting things with them.

Helicopter + Hitting anything = 99.99% chance of Crash

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I would agree with mwinciboo - your videos show how choppers can withstand way too hard collisions with the ground, as described in #1185.