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Choppers dont sink (Video)
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Here is another video which shows the bug where the chopper hitting the water get stuck as if hitting the ground and does not sink

Basically crash into the water. People bail but chopper just floats.
Previouse attempt caused the chopper to explode and just fall to the bottom like there was no water.


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I was just playing the DEV version today. One chopper just slowly sank down and down and was beautiful. *wipes tear*

I am not sure why mine didnt sink. I may not have been waiting for long enough./

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Hmm when I tried this nobody left the heli and we all died... even though I touched down very gently. The heli did sink all the way to the bottom though.

Made this video which shows exactly what I was talking about

Are you using the latest DEV version? Try it with the KA-60 (I don't know which one).

As you can see from the latest video it's a small bug somewhere. And is very hard to replicate. Only happened twice out of 10 attempts.

I dont think its that big of a deal. I am going to try with KA 60, but the bigger issue is in my other topic which states about drowning in deeper water and shallow water after you crash into the water.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.