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Add more 2035-style war technology
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Dear community,

ARMA is for sure a very good military simulation that is able to produce a very realistic feeling on the virtual battlefield. Especially in multiplayer mode.

But since ARMA3 plays some years in the future I wonder a little bit which military innovations will be in use in 2035. And I kind of miss them in what I have seen so far in ARMA3 Alpha version. So, I will give it a try and list some items I would surely excpect in use in 2035. Is that something that is 'in plan' for a final release of ARMA3?

  • 3D Battlefield Map (I mean we have that already with google - why is there no advanced 3D release available to infantry soldiers in 2035?)
  • Battlefield glasses or mini-Infantry-HUD that augments the view with tactical information - for example instantly shares position of spotted enemies. Or shows a top-down view of the battlefield.
  • Mini recon helicopter drones that can be used by the squad leader to automatically spot enemy movements with several optical sight modes (heatmap/NV/etc.). Like the recon drones we had in ARMA2 - but smaller.
  • Automated sentry guns that can be deployed by Infantry and that are able to open fire on any enemy movement encountered.
  • Use of HUD and 3D GPS maps in every military vehicle.
  • Drive vehicles by camera only and closed hatches in battle.
  • Advanced aiming technology for small arms in synch with HUD
  • Laser target designator equipment for every soldier, every soldier can share waypoints, recon reports, etc. on battle map.


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"Use of HUD and 3D GPS maps in every military vehicle." it might be a bit too futuristic for 2035, wouldn't it ?

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So, you want a mini HUD? Here you go:
3D map: Let me see, well, I think that would be kind of expensive, but maybe a 3D GPS for the squad leader?
Recon drones: SC:Blacklist is coming out soon and I think there are those is Cod:BO2
Sentry guns:CoD
HUD and 3D maps in vehicles: Well, maybe, but not in all vehicles.
Drive vehicles by camera: Pip=low frames
The last one I don't really understand, if you could please explain that one that would be nice.
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Since A3 is a "combat simulator" (i hope) than honestly i dont want to see to many crazy "weapons of the future" but I certainly agree with advances in C&C and other navigational or communications gadgitry.


I upvoted.
The 3D map is already in a testing phase for the US army I believe.
The HUD, is also part the of the above testing thats going on.
Small recon drones like the MAV, or this -
Automated sentry guns probably wouldn't be used due to the problem of identifying enemies.
Again the HUD is in a testing phase.
Remote controlled vehicles -
Laser deg/battlefield awareness is part of the above system in testing.

See Future Weapons - FCS (Take note: Uploaded in 2008) (I know it's hyped up slightly as it's an entertaining TV program, but it's a concept that is not only possible, but probable for 2035) - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Yes, I do like Future Weapons ;)

I know that many people will say things like "Whats the point" and "Whats the use of all this". Well I think many people would agree with the "if you don't want it don't use it" perspective and I believe that many people will have a variety of uses for all this stuff, I know I will.

Nav and Comms, yes, silly gadgets, no.

Since the Mid 90's they have been talking about Drones and all kinds of HUD's and crazy stuff and do you know what....None of it has happened.

Do you know why? Weight.

All the technology is heavy, needs batteries etc even the more modern and cutting edge kit is heavy. The Soldier needs to stay light and mobile, he needs Water and Ammunition, lots of Ammunition, Food and Radios. This in of itself is very heavy, especially with Mortar systems, AT Launchers, grenades, Spare Ammo. Gas masks, First Aid kits etc etc. The average trooper is massively overburdened and we haven't even mentioned Glasses, Bino's, NVG's, Body Armour, Laser Designators etc etc.

All of this "Uber-Blue-skies-thinking-Tech" never gets adopted because you will be shifting 60kg of Kit and you simply cannot fight effectively like this .

Look at the XM8, XM29 OICW or the XM25, or the FIST programme, or Future Soldier.

Everytime we save weight on a Weapon System, they take more Ammo, or batteries or something else.

Future Tech, is just too far ahead of it's time, there will be no massive differences in the future for the Average Grunt, even in 20 years.

There is a second Pillar, and that is cost, the Average Grunt will cost hundreds of thousands of Dollars to equip and train, only to be turned into "Pink Mist" by an IED, artillery Shell, grenade or bullet.

Any changes will be small and incremental, not massively different.

Two examples of used technology are the Firescout and the MAV, they are both used.

We have seen the comanche in this game and that is a project that has been cancelled in real life, so despite FCS being cancelled it could still possibly be in game. The cost is a big issue, one of the biggest issues facing these kind of things.

Although on the technology side of things, the possibility of making things smaller, meaning lighter batteries, and also lighter equipment overall. The "Land warrior" idea is a real possibility. If shots are accurate, then we need less ammo.

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