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New stance / muzzle climb / Elements approach.
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I know there are recoil threads out there but this is an entirely new approach to it and am not just simply asking for them to lower the recoil as how the game is now it would be like having auto aim.. I think if the recoil and muzzle climb were brought back to A2Ace2 the firing of the weapon would be more realistic.
What would need to be implemented with this is as follows..

-Wind and elevation. As for right now bullets hit their target on spot regardless of stance or distance.
-Muzzle climb should not be as drastically affected by stance (as you see most firefights soldiers are behind cover and popping to get off rounds)
-Instead use weapon sway for crouch and standing stance (maybe for 2-3 seconds) before weapon can be stable for an accurate shot. (This implemented with wind and elevation should make for more of a realistic firefight) As instead of fighting the weapon you would be fighting the forces of nature and your body for stabilization. We know these weapons are made for low muzzle climb and recoil. Shooting a weapon isn't hard its dealing with the elements to make accurate shots that is challenging. This will also make sure that someone who is a sure shot may not be so accurate with wind gusts and all. I would love to hear from the Marines and service men about this idea.


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If the developers have any questions about my request. as a direct contact.

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