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Confusing door symbol
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Different symbols for opening and closing doors, for clarity.


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If two doors are near each other, such as in the hallway of House[Yellow] in grid 028058, and you open one, then stand in the middle. Just by the symbol in the bottom of the screen you cannot tell which door you are interacting with, and therefore you may interact with the wrong one as you can interact with doors you are not directly looking at, therefore I suggest the above so that you can tell if you're opening or closing a door.

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Or just make the symbol appear on the doors not the center of the monitor.

^ good suggestion

Or make it that you can only interact with door if your crosshair points to the door knob?

Shotgun, that might make it quite hard to do in a hurry, because carefully positioning your mouse over a small doorknob can be tricky, as I have experienced in other games.

I like that idea Frag.

Well i said cross hair "to" the door knob, not precisely on it... I didn't mean to simulate opening a door lol

Point being that if the area of selection is too big and you have two doors together, you might have the selection jumping between one another and will have to face the door in an awkward manner to get a stable selection. But if you decrease the area of selection to something smaller like quarter of the for size and place that area where the door knob is, you just point at the door knob and the option is there.

Just an alternative option, becaus,e maybe let's say you standing at the door, primary function would be to open close the door, but if you want to do something else like switch weapon quickly, you might end up opening the door in adversely because you stood by the door.

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