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Deploying a mine or explosive charge will trigger "FiredNear" event
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Is this a hidden feature or a bug? See steps to reproduce.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn yourself as an "Explosive Specialist"
  1. Spawn another empty vehicle and put in the init field:

this addEventHandler ["FiredNear", {systemChat format ["fired near: %1m", (_this select 2)]}]

  1. Hit "Preview" and deploy a mine/explosive somewhere nearby

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If i have understood what you're explaining correctly, i'd say it's just how the engine works.

When you place a mine (or generally a plantable explosive) it has a area of effect which triggers the firedNear function to "detect" vehicles (in this case) to get the mine blow up or, in touch off explosives, to identify the area and kind of damage.

Interested in getting a DEV feedback though :)

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@Kid18120 Yeah.. but why when deployed? I would understand if it triggered "FiredNear" when the actual explosion/detonation happened.

I am not saying it's a bad feature or actually a bug.. I am actually thinking it's neat (albeit a bit hacky), as you can detect explosive deploy events this way. Also, to filter out that kind of explosive/mine events you can write in Arma 3 (inside the event handler code):

if ((_this select 3) isKindOf "Put") exitWith{}; // Not interested in explosives/mines

This is side effect of that EH. There is no need to change this - you can use it in some situations and it doesn't break anything. You can report it again if you find any situation where is this real problem. But for now it is ok - closing as no change required. Thanks for feedback :)