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On-screen weapon shaking a ton when in any adjusted stance
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In all stances other than the three default stances (standing, crouching, prone) the hands of my character starts shaking noticeably more than they're supposed to.

I can see a lot of old already reviewed reports about parts of this issue but apparently none of this severity and they're all a month old so a new report is about time really.
This issue started happening possibly late April or the beginning of May and still occurs.


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Start any Showcase or spawn in the editor and adjust your stance in any way for example to the high standing stance by pressing CTRL+W as many times as possible and watch as your weapon starts shaking a lot more than in any of the 3 default stances. Switch back and forth and note the difference.

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Its there to show your not in your comfort zone.

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As it is now, DEV 0.59.1 05592, the weapon movement starts immediately after switching to a high or low adjusted stance.

If it were only a swaying movement to indicate a less stable position that would be ok. But this can only be described as shaking, which is very uneasy to the eye. If it was supposed to be the result of tired muscles then it should occur only after a while.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 2:12 PM

How is sitting not in your comfort zone!?

tarciop added a subscriber: tarciop.May 7 2016, 2:12 PM

I agree with pops.
If this is a feature, it's quite unpleasant to the eye and should be tweaked to look and feel more natural.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 2:12 PM