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Support requester module : does not work anymore...
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Not able anymore to have support requester + support provider artillery modules working.
I follow usual method : unit sync with the support provider which is sync with support provider artillery virtual (or non virtual or CAS hellicopter or else).

When I preview mission, i am not able to call support anymore... (0 -> 8 -> nothing is available)

Some missions where it was working are no more working. {F19530}


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I tried in many new draft missions to understand my mystakes, but nada...

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Today it is working perfectly... Very very strange...
Same mission loaded, nothing changed but it works.

But found out no more module skirmish init and skirmish dynamic patrol...
No update of Arma 3 if I am not wrong, so I wonder what is happening.

Sometimes the support module will not work if you're in the middle of heavy action- it seems like if the AI system is busy (and it's very very easy to occupy the game's AI) the support request just fails to work. Sometimes the menu is blank when you click support or sometimes you don't get arty options, or sometimes it just doesn't fire rounds. So that might be what you experienced? Still needs fixing though.