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Awkward helicopter controls.
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I've found the default helicopter controls on this game to be very awkward.
I'm aware that they can be changed manually key by key, but i think a few extra preset options to change the helicopter controls would make it much easier for new players to adapt.


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For example:
Cyclic forward = "UP", "Mouse up"
Cyclic backward = "DOWN", "Mouse down"
Cyclic left = "LEFT", "Mouse left"
Cyclic right = "RIGHT", "Mouse right"
Collective raise = "W"
Collective lower = "S"
Left pedal = "A"
Right pedal = "D"
Left turn = "X"
Right turn = "C"

Personally I think a control scheme like this is easier to comprehend and some games I've played already use controls similar to this by default.

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You can set what controls you want by yourself, the current ones are just default settings.

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Adding another control scheme would make using the helicopters more accessible to new players that might not think to change it key by key.

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Helicopter control changing isn't going to help new players much anyway, not right now..not when aircraft instantly gain 20kmh by barely dipping their noses down, nevermind the control, they are going to have a hell of a time keeping the things still.

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