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Expand attachTo command to allow rotation that follows an animated model selection or memory axis
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It would be very useful if an attached object using the third parameter would respect the rotation of the selection or memory point axis relative to the main model.

Currently, attachTo when used to attach one object to an animated selection within a model does not follow the rotations of the selection. Using example 2 from the biki[1] results in the object following orthogonal translations relative to the models main body only, and does not follow the azimuth and elevation rotations.

This request is related to similar requests on CIT[2,3]



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ammobox attachTo [veh1,[0,0,0],"Usti hlavne"];

Enter vehicle as gunner and rotate the turret noting that the ammobox keeps its rotation relative to the vehicles body and orientation. Drive around and rotate turret to confirm this is true.

See attached mission.

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Use radio trigger Alpha to attach ammobox in attached mission.

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