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Not able to join a dedicated server more than once.
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When leaving a dedicated server you can not rejoin, game just hang after selecting character and pressing ok.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join server and start to play
  1. Leaver server
  1. Join server again and try to play

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We could not reproduce your issue, please send us the name and game version of the server where this issue occurred and version of the game.

Okay i did another test and it seems like that the problem only occur when your dedicated server and client is on same box.

So try start a dedicated server and the join with client from same box.


Then of course leave server and the re-join and play to see if thats possible!

That is not the case here. I'm connecting remotely to our dedicated server.
A number of other remote clients have also reported this issue on our server. I did have it on persistent=1 but I've removed that since no clients could connect. I will re-enable persistent=1 for further testing.

It would appear that this issue happens over time. If I disconnect and reconnect a few minutes into the mission start instance it seems fine.

Server Name:
[DEV] -=Kellys Heroes=- Public ArmA3 Alpha
Server Address:
Server Version: 0.59.105455

Noticed an update, works great my end now... AWESOME work BI :D

None of our players over the weekend could join a JIP mission that had already started. This being in a remote dedicated environment. The only working solution we had prior to todays patch, was to disable or modset (@CBA_A3;@ACRE;@ASR_AI). Which was noticed when a player who did not have the mods loaded managed to JIP in.

[DEV] [AS] | SquadServer | CBA/ASR_AI/ACRE
[DEV] [AS] | PublicServer | CBA/ASR_AI
Version: (whatever is was :\ )

Can confirm everything appears to working as usual with todays patch. Very much appreciated!

I guess we can mark this ticket RESOLVED :)

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Unable to reproduce in the latest dev build. Closing, as the ticket is very old and has not received any attention in a long time.

If the issue is still reproducable for you, please create a ticket asking for this one to be re-opened.