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Minor Changes for Improvements in Gameplay
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Freelook should still be available to use after player is in aimming mode (Iron Sights, Optics, ETC)

I would like to be able to look around me while I have my weapon sighted in at a specific area.

The current system changes it so your aim goes with the Freelook, this allows players to move forward while aiming 45 degrees left or right. In my opinion, this is not needed, as players already use WASD keys to move in whatever direction they want while aiming.

This is not possible while using zoomed optics as the game is not using 3D scopes. It is possible while using iron sights or optics with no zoom, I would really like to be able to look around me to maintain high situational awareness.

Selecting binoculars should not immediately zoom in. I would like to be able to just take them out and choose when to zoom in. When I want to zoom out, my character puts them back into his ruck sack. It takes too much time to zoom in and out, and sometimes this is needed to effectively scan the environment on where to use the binoculars effectively. This can be fixed by changing the binoculars to be more like the weapon inventory and when the player presses the same key as aim or zoom. The character brings the binoculars up to his eyes.


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Freelook Issue:

Sight in your weapon, press and hold Freelook key, move mouse around.

Now unsight your weapon and use Freelook. Notice how Freelook only works when weapon is not sighted.


Select Binoculars and notice how the player uses to immediatly, and when zooming out, the player puts the binoculars away.

I prefer the option of the player just taking the binoculars out and holding them in his hands. When I want to zoom, I press the alternate mouse key to actually use them, and pressing them again would bring them back down. Finally, pressing binocular key will make the character put away the binoculars.

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Interface needs improvement!

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First pat is being looked into at the moment, second part is noted in request section.

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Yes, especially sense you can do it with track IR but not with mouse and key.