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The stance of a character changes when performing the jump animation
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With Arma 3 there is this new stance system that allow a player to adjust the posture of a player character, however when a character performs a jump the posture/stance is not retained. This is mighty annoying, because I do not want to see my player character keep moving around with a hunched back, nor do I want to keep readjusting my stance to counter the game behaviour.

This type of problem is perhaps linked to any other gameplay feature in Arma 3 where the game does not retain information for the simplest things (retaining the set firing mode on a weapon instead of having the firing mode keep being reset to default value).


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Have your player character simply stand (as opposed to crouching), and adjust your stance with Ctrl + w key to change stance to stand upright.

When your player character undergoes a jump animation, the stance changes to "default standing stance" right before the jump and the player character retain this "default standing stance" after the jump.

Edit: I realize now that this behaviour does not always occur. It might perhaps seem as if the inconstistent stance is linked to having used the "y" with arma 2 preset (combat pace toggle).

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