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Unable to determine Helicopter Collective setting, and axises have missing values
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I use an analogue joystick for use with the helicopter control axes (pitch, roll, pedal, and collective)

the values are missing for each axis

when i set pitch roll and pedal, they operate ok.
when i set the collective, I AM UNABLE TO DETERMINE if it is configured as a 'slider function' as opposed to a normal axis...

when flying a helicopter in arma3 alpha, it 'appears' to act like a normal axis where only half axis control can be assigned to analogue collective setting.

In Take on Helicopters, the on screen gauges displays the status of the joystick inputs to the helicopter... it would be great if Arma3 has this also {F19520}


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oukej added a comment.Jul 22 2014, 5:45 PM

As far as I remember this had been resolved by the game's release.
Thanks for the report!

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