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Feature Request: Size-Adjusting reticles in zoomable scopes
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I know there is no zoomable scope in game right now, but from earlier footage of the game on E3 and Gamescon, it doesn't seem like a Mil-Dot scope changes size when zooming in.

For a Mil-Dot scope to be useful, the reticle must re-size with the zoom factor of the scope. It is relatively easy to estimate ranges with a mil-dot retcile, but obviously this only works if the mil-dots are correct. As it is now, though, they can only be correct with one zoom level


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I don't know if this would be possible, but an animation source which smoothly transitions from 0 to 1 between the opticsZoomMin and opticsZoomMax could be used to scale the reticle up or down in the modeOprics model. That way, scopes would always work correctly, and range estimation could be done even on far-away targets without having a range finder.

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Made obsolete by latest dev branch. Apparently, modelOptics can be an array now with a separate model for each zoom level.

Even with the current implementation of reticle scaling at discrete zoom values in the dev-build I think there is room for improvement along the lines of the first focal plane optics simulation that Fincuan and ACE did in Arma 2.

I think it'd still be good to have the ability to scale the reticle smoothly using traditional variable zoom (like we had for sniper scopes since OFP) as is the case for most real-world first focal plane scopes, rather than have it only for 'stepped' zoom where each zoom level is a discrete value with a different optics model (as was introduced for vehicles in Operation Arrowhead).

The stepped zoom is more commonly associated with vehicle-based electro-optics than rifle-mounted optical sights.

Agreed and upvoted !

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