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Game Freeze and/or crash everytime i'm playing a multiplayer game.
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I play a lot of wasteland, and every time i join a server. In game play, eventually it will freeze up to a completely frozen screen for a sec to half a minute sometime even longer and then it goes back to normal. and this occurs more then once in the same game play. Every server i join it happens, even on coop Annex but not as much as it does in wasteland. The big issue in this is that a lot of the time, instead of freezing up to a completely frozen screen, My game crash. Id start playing and game crash. i Alt Cntrl Delete and id get the game crash report. {F19467} {F19468} {F19469} {F19470} {F19471} {F19472} {F19473} {F19474} {F19475} {F19476} {F19477} {F19478} {F19479} {F19480} {F19481} {F19482} {F19483} {F19484} {F19485} {F19486} {F19487} {F19488} {F19489} {F19490} {F19491} {F19492} {F19493} {F19494} {F19495} {F19496} {F19497} {F19498} {F19499} {F19500} {F19501} {F19502} {F19503} {F19504} {F19505} {F19506} {F19507} {F19508}


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Every time i join in any server, on wasteland or Annex style coop game mode

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We need dxdiag and files from this folder for solve your problem. C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Alpha\
Can you upload somewhere in winrar package please?
When package will be smaller than 2,097k, so you can attach here. Thank you.

Note that i can't send 2,097k so i was unfortunate to send them in smaller size. reason for why there is so much.

those are all the files i can send you.domination.Stratis.pbo,and Dynamic_Zombie_SandboxA3.stratis were to big of a file to send on here, they were both in MPMissions folder. All the files under MPMissions1 to 9 are from the same folder.

One crashdump from PhysX crash is in Arma 3 Alpha folder. Can you reproduce these issues with freezes and crashes in Escape from Stratis and Headhunters please? Thank you.

Well i tried reproducing the crash on escape from Stratis and Headhunter, but can't manage to reproduce the issue im having with wasteland, Coop Annex and capture the island Tee time. I don't think i get the same problem wen i play headhunter and escape from srtatis, never had this kind of issue on those missions

Do you have still this issue in Beta build?

Outdated. Open a new ticket if new issues arise.