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Corrected Camera & Weapon Handling (Cant) From Lean
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Camera and weapon cant in lean; this is mentioned briefly in forum threads here:

And in more detail here:

A canting camera and/or weapon is technically, metrically wrong in terms of proper weapon handling and perspective -- the world does not 'tilt' if we cant our body, head, or rifle; separately or in unison.

Canting an aimed firearm from any fire position is improper weapon handling, that is rigorously repudiated and corrected in virtually all firearms training -- military and civilian.



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Lean while aiming any firearm in ArmA III...

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Article on effects of canting on weapon accuracy.

Realistic, correct and damped (no infinite lean speed) lateral camera displacement in peek, lean or fire from cover with correct un-canted weapon handling gives the virtual Player improved proprioceptive and virtual kinesthetic cues as to how well covered he is (or isn't) when firing from a position of cover with a cover stance.

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I think this should be split into 2 separate issues:
1 - Rework (or not) lean animation to keep weapon in vertical position.
2 - Implement correct ballistics of canted weapons.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Per Blu3sman's remarks: the 'issues' can be atomized even further per his comment with respect to incorrect:

· character lean kinesiology
· weapon handling/canting animation
· camera axis rotation
· infinite camera and animation translation speed
· ballistic performance of canted weapons

The scope and context of the issue is offering idealized, standardized presentation of infantry weapon handling and perspective that that reflects the real intentions of infantry weapon handling.

At the very least the weapon should not be tilted while leaning. This is a very common error done in FPS games. In real life you would never tilt your weapon as long as you are able to, and especially not while leaning and aiming through the sights.

I agree that this needs fixing, it can be very counter-intuitive when shooting a weapon with a low muzzle velocity like the ASP-1 while while leaning (weapon is canted) and the bullet still magically flies in a perfect vertical arch when it shouldn't.