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Image stuttering, when i move the charecter head!
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After being playing for 1h-1h30, i start having image stuttering only when i move my character's head. If i stay still everiting runs smood, but when i star moving the character's ou/and the head it starts the image stuttering.
It stops only when i re-start the simulator.

I have a video were you can see what i mean.

At 30:30 you can see when i stop moving everything is smooth, and when i move the head it stutters the image.
The problem starts at 23:03, after that it starts the image stuttering whith nothing special happening.
At 28:21 you can see i'm moving sideways and the image is stuttering and at 28:24 when i run strait it get smood again.


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I Checked for onther programs starting in the background and disabeled the anti-virus and other processes, but it's the same.

I have an nvidia GTX560, and i changed drivers from GeForce 314.22 Driver, to the older GeForce 314.07 Driver, and the problem persists BUT not so often.

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Yeah, happens after todays DEV build update!


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