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Weapon Request: SNIPER
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Hey, I just tried to snipe around a bit with the ARCO and the EBR. And there is no real possibility to kill someone who is more than 1000m. So my request for the next version. Please add a new Sniperrifle, maybe Bolt-action and a new Scope with a higher magnification for longer distances. I hope to see something like this in the beta or something!
Great Game so far!


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Are you kidding me? This request or whatever it is, is quite unnecessary issue.
You haven't seen the beta OR the full version yet. And they have shown gameplay of EBR with sniper scope (not ARCO or the other one). The snipers are coming.
If you see the weapons there you see ONE of the snipers, other sniper are called GM6 Lynx. This should be closed since we do not know anything that could be in beta or in final.
EDIT: By the way, the picture shows the anti-material sniper rifle "GM6 LYNX".

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Well, the beta will surely have some new guns... plus vehicles, so that is covered

However, if you really want to snipe, there are some mods out there that feature high calibre sniper rifles (M107 and AS50) and are downloadable as of now.

So... this "request" is preety much pointless since:

A. You can download some A2 snipers before BIS adds them to the game
B. They are going to add them anyway, so why bother if you have pre-ordered?

Look up screenshots of the game and material from E3 and gamescom. There are sniper rifles and more scopes in the game...

remember the first few weeks when several dozen ppl wanted a refund not having the performance and arsenal of a final good times

Gumgum added a subscriber: Gumgum.May 7 2016, 2:08 PM

Thx guys, I havn't seen the Lynx so far,and I havn't seen those a2 guns, but i'll look that up! And year this post should be closed, I just missed the sniper feature in the game.

Why oh why did BIS make this Alpha open to everyone...There should have been some kind of Vetting process, getting people with the ARMA 2 Community and recommending people. Like all of the Clan Players, and the MOD Community, not just every Tom, Dick and bell-end who stumps up cash on steam.

Seeing thing's like "We demand a X-box Controller Presets", it makes me cringe and makes me realise that there are people out there that just don't get ARMA and will with the best of intentions, bloody ruin this game given half a chance.

8300+ Issues of which at least 50% of them are Duplicates or a Complete waste of time. You care barely see the good suggestions for all the crap.

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Please keep in mind this is just alpha, the content is very limited.

Thanks for your feedback