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Game freezes while loading AW invade and annex mission - dev + logs
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Also same problem i have now with other MP missions aswell. Mission loads, then i choose soldier type and after that game tries to do something but freezes.

Yesterday before todays patch i had no issues at all.

none of following helped:

  • updating drivers to nvidia latest
  • verify game installation on steam {F19446}


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Doesn't happen here.
Anyways this would be a mission-related bug, not game related, hence you should report it to its dev not to BIS.


Like Kid, it's a mission related problem... Try to create a server and play the BIS coop mission, I'm sure it's working for you.

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After latest patch it seems to be working fine.

I posted this issue, because it was creating logfiles, so i thought its a crash

User mission issue.