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KA-60 MFD textures - poor quality
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The KA-60 is a very nice helicopter which fits perfectly into the setting of Arma 3. The model is well done and most textures are good as well.

In the cockpit however, where most pilots spend their time, the dominating element, the MFD's are of a low visual quality.

A new texture for Arma 3 would be very well welcomed and also help to maintain the immersion as the current ones are quite distracting


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Can someone provide photos of a KA-60 cockpit?

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agreed,the MFD's should get a better texture

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Why bother with a better texture when the page only has two functioning components that are the clearest to see?
What is the point of having a sharp text altimeter and air speed or VSI that would normally climb up and down like a ladder, when in fact it won't?

Yeah that is right, they should show more values and be used more correctly. I think it is certainly possible and the KA-60 would be a bird that would deserve some extra treatment or atleast a revisit from its original Arma 2 PMC state.

Bringing the MFD's to the standart of the other A3 assets would help a lot :)

This seems like a duplicate of Bug #3843

Also note, I suggested a separate resolution of using a secondary display/monitor for displaying additional data. (See Bug #5745)

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.