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pushing and flipping over stuck vehicles
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A player should be able to push vehicles stuck on rocks, fences, etc so that they become driveable again. It is very frustrating when you drive somewhere for a long time and then get stuck on some stupid rock that you overlooked by accident just to find yourself unable to do anything about it and have to leave that nice car behind. Sometimes you may need to abandon your strategy altogether and respawn as running on foot will be too long now to reach your objective.

Besides vehicles getting stuck on rocks they can also sometimes flip to the side or even completely upside-down. This would in turn make the vehicle unusable and permanently stuck again.. In reality a person or a group of people can flip the car back to its normal position and continue using it for driving if it's still in good condition. Here a repair specialist can fix any damage also as long as the car is back on its tires.

Overall this problem of stuck or flipped cars leads to a situation where there are sometimes multiple cars at different locations visible by repair specialist by the "car needs fixing" icons but once you finally get to it the car is totally unusable so running to this car was a time-waster in the first place. Also it's kind of pointless for unusable cars sitting around stuck everywhere without actually allowing players to do something about it and make a good use of them. So an animation of a player pushing or pulling or flipping a car over would be nice to add to Arma3 so that players can get all these stuck cars up and running again.


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I am not looking forward to flipping (with triple salto) over tanks when I drive over a tiny pebble or bump. I have done a ton of cursing and swearing in Arrowhead/Takistan after driving for 10 minutes to an AO and then getting flipped over by a tiny rock you could not see. So an unflip option would be great to have, even if it may not be realistic.

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