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G27 Force Feedback
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There are no options to amend or turn off force feedback settings for game controllers. Force feedback for the game doesn't seem to be working correctly, so i would rather turn it off. Also occasionally when i fire my gun, it triggers the force feedback so my wheel judders ever time i fire my weapon. This shouldnt happen.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Plug in Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
  2. Load into game.
  3. Drive vehicle, force feedback isnt right.
  4. Fire weapon, wheel force feedbacks.

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G27 on a milsim? U crazy

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Driving with a wheel is great. If you are the designated driver for your squad having the wheel and pedals makes the experience amazing.

It's not just the G27 that suffers from bad force feedback. I fly helicopters with a FFB-joystick and currently the default FFB-profile is horrid. The FFB strength is much too light. Also, there's no way to adjust or disable it.

Upvoted this ticket to bring the issue up instead of making a new one.

I was about to make a request for improved force feedback, and like the previous reporter, I believe raising the profile of this one is more worthwhile.

There never has been full force feedback in any of the series, except a poor vibration effect. Improvements in this area would be most welcome.

A reflection of the current surface type, handling characteristics, and current damage of all of the vehicles would increase the immersion for the player, and are important additions to any simulator.

Multiple FFB devices can be supported with DirectX, and modern hardware is capable of rendering effects continuously rather like sound playback.

It would be desirable to have a force feedback setting for each of the controller categories. ie vehicles, helicopters, infantry - each of these have their own requirements/tunings much the same as the controller inputs.

For those wanting to turn off the current offering. There is a hidden entry in the player profile:

documents\arma 3 alpha\YourName.Arma3AlphaProfile

vibrations=1; <= setting this to 0 turns off the "vibrations"

Rather than create a new issue, could this one be amended to become an improvement suggestion?

I have MOMO Racing wheel and the wheel only vibrate.

Real force feedback would be welcome. The current analog steering is amazing, but without force feedback the experience is too sterile.

I can't really enjoy the driving without the feedback of the surface. The humps, textures, brushes and more.

Maybe this ticket should be renamed to: "Proper wheel force feedback".

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Having the same bug where my G27 force-feedback violently rattles the Wheel while firing the gun. Changing view from first person to third an back (while also firing) seems to stop it.

It just seems to happen at random