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Muzzle Fire randomized
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Am I the only one who thinks muzzle fire/light should be random just like a real weapon? Every shot from ANY gun in arma produces muzzle fire, which just doesn't react to it's real life counter parts characteristics.


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Fire all 30 rounds from a weapon.

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Yeah mean the Flash and Flame from the end of the Muzzle like this...

Then Yeah, there should be maybe 3 different ones that rotate rapidly to give the effect of Muzzle Flash...

It doesn't vary as much as you think. Plus Soldiers in the field, do not over-oil their barrels and Bolt Assemblies because the smoke and Flame is a give away.

Over Lubrication is often as bad or worse than under-lubrication depending on conditions and tactical requirements.

I understand what you're saying but that's not what i meant

This video should clarify things

muzzle fire that occurs randomly is what i'm showing...since after all the combustion of a real bullet doesn't produce the same effect every single time

Ah I get you now.... Good video. It would also make night-fighting that little bit harder because not every shot would have a muzzle flash of equal intensity.

Yep I support this.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Upvoted for the sake of realism :)

Thank you for your teams consideration Khan. I just wanna point out that I meant this towards every weapon possible in ARMA from pistols to tanks, all having a possible random muzzle flash.