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Choppers die in water
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Helicopters blow up/and or engines go to red as soon as the skids touch the water

Hover chopper over water, lower so skids touch water, engine goes red


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I believe Vichard meant hovering low enough to have skids touching the water.
In this situation, the engine goes red pretty fast and then the helicopter will indeed crash in the water.

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Sorry I should have mentioned, if you auto hover and then lower yourself to the water as your skids hit the water your engine goes to red

^ this guy gets it

I do get it... But then you need to redesign the Helicopter models...All of them.

Because some like Sea Kings/ Sikorski S-61, Chinnooks, CH-46 and Float plane helicopters can float, but also have FLoats Skids attached or Wheels, Not normal Skids.

All others tend to avoid water, so you would need Helicopters modelled as either - Floating or non-floating.

Skid- Helicopters would never dip their skids in the water, it dangerously unbalances the Aircraft. The slightest movement in any direction and the resistance of the water would act as pivot and the helicopter would topple like a spinning top, Blade hits the water, Helicopter spins out smashes itself to pieces.

Watch this video from 13's onwards, you see how the nose digs in and the whole helicopter pivots and then crashs as the blades hit the surface of the sea.

Skids act more like "Sea Anchor" due to the surface area, compared to say Nose/ jockey wheels.

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug. Its designed that way. Mwnciboo explained reasons pretty good.

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