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Custom chat channel remains selected after using radioChannelRemove
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When using radioChannelCreate to create custom radio channels, and radioChannelAdd to join that channel, if the custom channel chat is selected, and you use radioChannelRemove to leave the channel the chat from the channel we just removed is still selected as default.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Download this script that comes with a test mission and launch the mission:
  2. Use the scroll wheel to select radio menu and join "Channel 1".
  3. Use next/prev channel keys to select "Channel 1" chat.
  4. Use the scroll wheel to select radio menu and join "Channel 2" (the scripts makes you leave "Channel 1" using radioChannelRemove).
  5. Press the chat key, "Channel 1" chat is still selected as default chat.
Additional Information

The ability to select the "active" chat channel from scripts could be a workaround.

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Could be done with a command to force the change similar to (this would also be useful if it could work with the default channels):
characters setradioChannel index
[myCharacter1, myCharacter2] setradioChannel 3;

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