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Game Freeze on Alt+Tab
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This started happening for the last 2 updates to dev build. If I alt tab whether I'm in editor or main menu, sometimes when I alt tab back the game is frozen.

Also if I shut the game down, it closes but then windows complains "arma3 stopped responding". {F19413} {F19414}


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Game Freezes
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alt tab and wait.

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This happens every single time I close Arma 3 normally

was happening for the last 2 updates

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Freeze for a long time,but not crash.
after 3~5 min,it continues work again(in menu)
Need fix indeed

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I too get this ~ 60% of the time when I Alt+Tab out of the game.

likewise if I shut the game down, I get "arma3 stopped responding" etc about ~ 75% of the time.

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The crash on exit may be a different issue, and could be related to issue #8126

The OP's attached rpt files do not show any evidence of a shutdown crash, so this needs confirmation.

#8126 seems to be fixed as of Version: 0.57.105210, and needs confirmation.

no crashes or freezes for me after last update.

update, no more freezes on alt+tab, however the game still crashes after closing.

Today game updated and so is freeze on alt+tab, so it is back.

doesnt happen anymore

happening to me and a friend, using fullscreen windowed