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Huge performance dive in Multiplayer
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In single player, I can play on medium-high settings easily. When joining any multiplayer match large or small, my game drops to around 5 FPS even with the graphics set to N64 standards.

  • Ping is perfectly fine
  • Have joined "Graves Yard" and another co-op mission server (tried 2 diff scenarios on server #2)
  • Servers have had populations of 40+ and 8, respectively.

This has been happening in every instance since I started playing yesterday.


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Join a multiplayer server, see performance dive regardless of settings.
Go back to single player, now you're back to 40 FPS on med-high (1440x900)

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Ping says nothing about playability of a server. If server runs a long time (30/60+ minutes) some systems begin to stuck while other player not affected. Most issues is that the server is craped with a full of non static objects that regularly synced with your system. I'm sure the multiplayergames runs a bit like a cluster.

Place soldiers 11x11 square and thrown a grenade into the mid. There is also a max for placing units in the editor. On servers this max most times is bypassed by dynamic spawns and nonclear of crap. If armys 5km away from you fight each other, it will affect you.

So in other words, the problem is that I'm playing on servers that don't know how to use Garbage Cleaners modules on their scenarios or something?
This is strange, because the second server I was on was running some "Samson Fisher" scenario; Right from the fresh start of the map, I had a low framerate.

I have noticed it sense the update as well. Prior most servers were running pretty smooth with the exception of some laggy hick ups.

Loki added a comment.May 13 2013, 10:41 AM

In some cases it is easily not wished to delete all.

If it is like in arma 2, systems with lower values are affected by performance dives long time before other notice a bit of that. The personal ping rises and falls extremely while the servers and other players ping is on 30. Walking speed differs to other players, so that they run away over time. Same indications I get also in arma 3 on servers.

So it is also a bit of you and the type of mission when it begin to lag, but over a long time it get all.

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Known issue: #1264.