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Enemy helicopter freezes in mid air
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In escape from stratis about 3 minutes into the mission an unarmed enemy helicopter shows up and makes some passes and then freezes mid air. {F19404}


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play escape from stratis and follow the shoreline to the airfield (main objective)and get into a skirmish with ground troops and the helicopter should show up and start following the team. after about a few fly bys the copper should freeze in the distance.

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I am unable to reproduce this in the latest dev build; both when hosting locally and using a dedi server, the enemy helicopter will continue flying.

Since this ticket is almost a month old and has not recieved any attention or updates, I assume the issue you were experiencing was either fixed or is otherwise no longer valid.

If you are still able to reproduce the issue in the current dev build, please create a new ticket with additional info. (How you are hosting the mission, etc.)