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Bullets can't travel through certain types of bushes
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Bullets don't have the least amount of penetration. They can't even travel through certain types of bushes.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find a piece of bush that you can't run through. (b_ficusc1s_f.p3d)
  2. Place an enemy behind bush.
  3. Shoot him, your shots will get blocked by the bush, whether you hit a branch or not. It's like an invisible wall is in the bush. Most bullets get stuck in leaves.
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Note this is not a duplicate of #0002696. While you can argue about bullet penetration through walls, it's absurd bullets can't travel through bush.

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Agreed, bushes hitboxes / collision boxes are a bit buggy for certain types


Yes, Penetration of bushes was set somewhat too low. Adjusted. Thank you for noticing! Will be available in next steam dev build.

Is available and working better.

Mass close.