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boarding a chopper with 'enableSimulation false'
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I created a helo (MH9) on a pad in the editor and with a script set it to be disabled using 'enableSimulation false'. I was able to board the helo in-game, however the screen turned black and I was unable to disembark. I didn't think it was possible to interact with a 'disabled' object, so I suspect this is a bug.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. In the game editor, create an MH9 with crew on a helipad (not sure whether it matters if there's a pad there or not) with the following attributes init : this enableSimulation false control : non-playable vehicle lock : unlocked
  2. Create a player character, it doesn't matter what type of man
  3. Enter game (preview or single player - it also happens in multiplayer if exported)
  4. Enter the MH9
  5. Screen goes black, context-menu is available with "Get Out" option, but selecting this option does not disembark from helo.

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