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Make it possible to jump down instead of using ladders
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Tried to jump down instead of using the ladder, found out I could stand over it.
Location is the airfield in the tower. You can find exactly where I mean in the video.


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  1. Go to the airfield tower
  2. Climb up the ladder
  3. Try jump down instead of using the ladder
  4. You can't jump down but instead you have to use the slow way
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That's the case with every ladder (check e.g. the radio towers) and prevents you from falling down. If that wouldn't be there, navigating in one of those places would be very difficult to impossible

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It was possible in arma 2. Falling down would be your own fault and floating over the room would make itself "unrealistic". Stupid or not, but as I have seen it this game is a simulator and is supposed to be realistic.

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yes, but it would be realistic to avoid falling by putting your feets outside of the ladder floor.

Downvoted, not a bug

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Solution would be extending the ladder above the roof so the animation look good and when walking over the hole you will fall into it. possibly breaking something.

Can't believe people are downvoting this when this is a "SIMULATOR".
You could do this in Arma 2 but now it's no longer possible because it's more "realistic" like you say Mr death?

Does look awful, needs to be addressed. This was not an issue in ARMA 2 so they should go back and copy what they did there.

That said Ladders have always been a bit buggy in the ARMA series.

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if you really think you should be able to do these things faster just use the command "drop down"

That doesn't change the fact it's incredibly stupid you can't jump down?

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.May 30 2013, 6:20 PM

oh, we cant piss or clean our guns or shit in the game, that means its incredibly stupid.

its not THAT needed to be able to jump down instead of ladders

It was in arma 2 mr obvious. It's not incredibly stupid IN arma 2 so piss off your opinions.

Id suggest a faster way to get down a ladder is to just slide down

This is getting out of hand. Since everyone is disagreeing it seems like it's up to the moderator/developers to this.

In my opinion it would be more realistic jumping down instead of using the ladder.

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"so piss off your opinions."

how old are you? in this webpage we should all post our opinions as notes in the tickets for this game, so you are technically asking me to stop giving opinions about the tickets, thing wich i cant do

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.