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Improve Boxes
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  • It would be great to have boxes wich can be use like in ACE or with the R3F/BTC script.

Basically you put stuff/gear on a box, then you can drag this box and load it into a vehicle. So you can airdrop/airlift the box, load it into a car or even a boat etc.
It very usefull and more realistic than load a lot of stuff/gear into the vehicle itself...

And for a realistic look it could be great to see this box attach to the vehicle or in the vehicle.

  • It would be nice to have special boxes with just gear and clothes wich work in MP.

Right now if you want to have boxes with clothes on it you have to made it yourself, and its doesn't work well in MP. (You have to put clothes on the ground and only after you can take it. Or you have to use script that create the clothes on the boxes in local so player can take it.)
So just make boxes with clothes and gear which work in MP. Because now people like to custom their character before fighting etc.

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