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another retarded AI issue
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I know theres loads of AI related tickets, but this is just one more. This is a fault that I feel does need attention. So can a mod add this as relation to the primary AI ticket?

At times, not always, but often, when I engage AI in combat, they can very easily get distracted and forget about me, when in fact I am a big threat to them, and this is very noticable in close range. the down side to this is, it kills the mood, and adrenaline rush.

For example, tonight, playing infantry showcase I came accross this twice again. I will try and describe it as detailed as possible. I will try update with screen shots if I see it again, but I suppose video would be more useful.

The first incident was closing in on the town, I was flanking to the left top, not too high up. There is a biggish rock just above the path, so I was taking cover behind the rock, and firing on the AI that were coming from the villiage out towards where my team was (100m back because they are so slow), and I was like probably 10m away from AI, and started shooting at the one AI, it then directed it's attention to me, firing off a few rounds, and then my team engaged another AI unit, but this particular AI unit just completely forgot that I was behind that rock, still very much alive and capable of shooting him... Which I did... But he just stood there as if I did not exist.

Realistically I would imagine in the event that an AI gets engaged at two different locations, that they would fall back and seek cover, not prioritize whose more deadly and direct their attention that way, because anyone with a gun in ARMA is a deadly priority.

Second incident, same session, but like 2min later, after pretty much clearing out the town and completing that objective, there was still one AI running around at the far back of the villiage, and I went after him. As I came around the corner, I saw the AI running my way about 30m away, I then let off a few random rounds as suppresion so I could revert back behind the wall for cover, and the AI just stood there kinda confused, did not shoot at me, and shockingly, just turned to he's left on the corner of the building aiming towards my team mates not even firing at them (assuming they werent in line of fire). Like once again, it forgot that I even existed, when I openly shot at it, and made my presence as a threat known, and it just ignored me!

Once again same result, however this time it was not engaged by any gunfire from my team mates. I would have expected it in that case that the AI would react in such a way that it would have dived for cover, maybe pop a few suppressing rounds at the corner where I was covering behind, and look for cover of it's own, and then proceed to that cover secured from my line of fire, and possibly my team mates, given my team mates weren't even firing at it, I was the priority and AI should have engaged me.


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Play infantry showcase. (try a very easy difficulty as it would make it much easier to notice this, where you stand less of a risk of easily dying, and your team mates less of a chance to kill the AI before you get to witness this)

Try to play on the left of the valley, this is how I play it 80% of the time, this will get you closest to enemies almost barely detected, be sure to wait up for your slow ass team taking their sweet time to progress forward. Once close behind you, you should get close enough to see some AI exiting the villiage, towards your team, engage engage engage. (try not to kill it)

You might realize that AI will engage you, but once your team gets involved, the enemy AI will just blatantly ignore you. You could almost literraly run up to the enemy AI and punch it in the face =/

Also the AI at the back of the town, try chasing after them, ahead of your team, you might also witness them blatantly ignoring you as it did me.

Additional Information

It seems though that enemy AI prioritize threats incorrectly, or rather, not smartly. I am just guessing here, I haven't checked any code what so ever as I dont understand it, but I am just guessing. AI prioritize their targets based on who is the greater threat, and that could be determined by few and simple variables such as type of weapon/role and line of sight perhaps?

Of course targets should be prioritized by threat, but the distance as well, and not to mention direction, and who is engaging that AI unit specifically.

For example, a support gunner will be a bigger threat than infantry man, naturally. But also an infantry man 100m away is a greater threat than a support gunner 150m away. AI should react and co-ordinate like such. In the example if one (1) AI unit was engaged by both players coming from the same general direction, it would first seek cover, and then had to decide who to engage, then it would choose the infantry man over the support gunner. However if gunner was due west 150m and infantry man was due south 100m, nearby cover would not help much, so it would fall back and seek cover far enough until both units are within general direction, and then engage the bigger threat, whichever is the one closest.

In this case, AI wont act silly and just ignore the player to prioritize and engage what it is programmed to believe is a greater threat, it should be aware of the presence of a unit that engaged it for as long as it hasn't confirmed a kill or can see the unit. Anyone else that engages said AI, will force AI to seek cover or fall back, and then reasses and prioritize.

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AI CQB behaviour has been significantly improved since this ticket was made, mainly that AI will now prefer to engage close enemies instead of seeking cover.