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Helicopter crashes make invisible fire
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When a helicopter crashes, there apparently is fire around it, but it is invisible. So, if a helicopter crashes, you have to stay far away from it to avoid dying. Found out after a helicopter downed, wanted to get near it because there was some of my items under it, and it killed me.


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Simply, another helicopter crashed, one of my friends I was playing with got too close to it before I warned him, and he died.

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Unable to reproduce. Could you please try to find better repro? Thank you.

You have to wait for the fire to "burn out", but the heli will still kill you if you get near it.

Still unable to reproduce. Are you able to reproduce it without any mods/user made missions? How often are you observing this issue? What version of the game are you using? Thanks

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Just played and recorded randomly in wasteland and this happened.
Played in latest patch in DEV, since it happens so often I don't think it's the wastelands problem.

Duplicate of 0003875.