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AI goes off & gets stuck in bushes
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The following issues:

1.After I give an order for one of my soldiers to "Move there" (somewhere next to my position - like 9meters away for example) the AI starts moving off into the distance (like 180 meters away). This happens frequently.

2.The AI gets stuck in bushes, with no possibility for it to turn, go prone. It's stuck there until i kill it, which sometimes is the only option.

(3. i guess this was posted but the driving AI makes my nose bleed.)


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Just command team of AIs

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I'm just giving this feedback to make the game better, I don't want to be mean :) keep up the good work because Arma 3 looks beautiful, and its raw gameplay style is fun too, just the AI can become very tiresome - on a regular basis.

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Is anybody gonna look at this? This bug makes me fed up.

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