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Civilian module and life simulation.
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The ability to have properly depicted civilians and crowds would add much more atmosphere and diversity to gameplay because now it's really hard (almost impossible) to create a city that doesn't remind you about ghost-towns like Pripyat and doesn't kill the fps at the same time.
For example patrol-type missions would be much more interesting.

To get the idea of what I mean just watch the video (or if you want to downvote it because "Arma isn't SimCity"):


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because "Arma isn't SimCity"

I remember that I first got into FPS's on the PC and military games in general because of Sim City.

Every time I had a very complex city going on, I thought to myself: "Would be very cool to see a huge column of tanks just storm downtown....."

We could at least have the Crowd formation that there is in VBS2.