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A player or AI should be able too shoot out of vehicles and should be able to walk in transport planes and helis
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Explanation:If a player will be able to open the offroads door and lean out shooting or just a quick grenade throw it will make it more harder for the car chasing them to kill them or the offroad behind them the player can kick out the windshield (main window at the front) and shoot out while sitting in the car this will also help when chasing enemy's,so you wont have to go all around the map to wait for him to make a mistake like one time on Taki life on arma 2 i chased a guy all over the map and i was so tired of it that i cant just pull out my pistol shoot his tire and then take him down, Now the littlebird transport and the armed one and just normal littlebird should have the passenger or co-pilots be able to shoot out taking out enemy's while the pilot is flying imagine the roleplay you can have and teamplay like shac-tac's mod for the little bird it helps a lot in combat you don't have to worry about im so open if i get into a heli in a field your teamate can get in and cover you


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i know that the co-pilot for the little bird holds the joy-stick(don't know the real word for it) but if he scrolls it should say lift up "guns name here" and then his rifle comes up and he can shoot out the right or even forward but then if he hits the instruments it will get damaged, now for the passenger's on the side and back same concept but the rifle should be automatically come up and then they can shoot imagine being a hostage in the heli you steal a rifle out f the heli's inventory lift it up kill the guys jump out and your fine the parachute opens and you land the heli crashes goes boom it will be a good day. ending the shoot out of vehicles thing i would like to also maybe see someone being able to run lets use a Chinook here for example the pilot lands on a mountain with the back flap lowered the troops run in the pilot fly's up and the troops can stand but when standing there should be physics if the heli flips over the troops will hit the sides or even fall out if not tied to something or holding on to something or sitting down....thanks if you liked this and it would be a different play to combat for most people and it would also help players kill the guy they are chasing and also for the heli's it would make it more safer for the pilot and for the walking inside huge transport planes like AC130 by lowering the back flap/door the 'Troops can just run in that will decrease the time for scrolling and saying to back seat the entire time

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