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Engine of boats continues to run when in passenger seat
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When in the driver's seat of an empty boat, you can switch to the passenger seat while holding the throttle and have the boat behave as if the throttle is still being held.


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Get in any of the boats as the driver. Make sure you are the only one in the boat. Hold down the forward key. Switch to the passenger seat while still holding the forward key. The boat will continue to move as if you are still in the driver seat, holding down the forward key.

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i believe that a boat is perfectly able to stay on the throttle power you choosed in real life. if u give full speed with a real boat, and let the throttle go it will continue in the speed u choosed.

this is actualy great, because 1 man can operate the speedboats, giving the speed he wants then switch to gun-

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This is an absolutely realistic behaviour of a boat throttle. Once you move it to a specific position it will stay there, even if you leave the drivers seat and go somwhere else. You can avoid this with a quickstop, but this is another story.

exactly. tried to say that xD soz my english.

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