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Add weapon overheating, if fired too much for too long
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Currently it's possible to shoot without pause for as long as you like, which has consequences on a flow of a firefight, which translates onto an overall experience.

Having a possibility to overheat a weapon would result in more realistic and tactical gameplay, as well as would put more emphasis on having a suppressive automatic weapon at hand.

An overheating feature would be even more important, in combination with "suppressive fire" and "weapon jamms/malfunctions" features (if implemented). Even without them, overheating could have some impact, with a degradation of accuracy from a hot barrel.


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The measurement of weapon's heat is already in the game and is visible through FLIR. Barrels get hot while shooting and cool down after the fight. So it's not really a request for an entire new feature, but rather for enchancing an already existing one.

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Related to #5093

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

@ceeeb: Yes, thank you for adding it. This is the ticket I had in mind.

It's also related to: 0005645: Suppression effect for players 0005496: Arma 3 - AI Supression

A must, upvoted. There's a reason why people don't fire machineguns continuously in real-life... Overheating! :-)

One of my favorite mods for "Fallout 3" added weapon overheating. If fired too long, the weapon would jam, its condition would deteriorate and ammo would cook off, firing the weapon off at random.

im going too upvote but it is year 2035 dont you think they should have fixed the overheating problem by then ?

Somehow I don't think, that year 2035 will bring a dramatic change to thermodynamic laws. And overheating in one of the big issues with caseless ammunition, which is one of the reasons, that we still use brass cartridges.