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allow to choose fixed refresh rate with resolution
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simple feature request for being able to select a resolution to a fixed refresh rate for example:

1920 x 1080 @ 30hz
1920 x 1080 @ 60hz
1600 x 900 @ 30hz
1600 x 900 @ 60hz

I know it is possible by doing so in the config file, but I dont know why, for some reason it degrades the image and colours, so i prefer not to, and i think the fixed refresh rate within config file probably isn't fully functional hence why it has no place in the ingame settings. I find many other games manage to impliment this without the mentioned side effects though, so simply asking for BIS to do the same with ARMA3.

The reason for this, I find that the frame rates are jumping up and down variably and at extremes too. I can comfortably run an average of mid 50's to over 60fps easily with all High settings, but when I look at a complex scene or when shit goes down on screen my frame rate drops as low as the 30's. The drop in frames causes some bad stuttering and is painfully obvious. So if we were able to optionally run 30fps capped, then that would eliminate this obtrusive drop in frames since we would be fixed at 30fps.

Arma isn't really a fast paced shooter like CoD and BF that really needs the smooth 60fps, most people play on average with frame rates around the 30's anyway's. since hardly anyone can max it out above 60fps.

I sincerely hope this is one of the features in settings to be seen in the final release of Arma, as I feel it will benefit a good number of people who want a consistent flow in game play.


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