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Pistols are too good!
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Pistols can kill a unit at 40m with one head shot. Problem is I can do it all the time. Seams to have wrong dispersion values...


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Try to kill anyone with a pistol at 30-50m... it is very easy! Easier than with an assault rifle.

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first people moan pistols were too weak (I was one of those, because they were awfully weak requiring more than 1 magazine to kill) and now pistols are too good?

I dont know about the dispersion, careful placed shots will most likely almost land almost spot on where it did before. Try shooting rapidly perhaps for variance in dispersion.

And its good that they kill with 1 shot head shots... like it should =)

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dovafox, that may happen with old version. With the current version I can easily kill someone far away with one shot. A colleague of mine thinks the same an he is a soldier in real life and he trains people. I do not say that the bullet will not kill you but you can not have more accuracy with a pistol than with an assault rifle.

look pistols arent the most accurate weapons, everyone knows that, they are for short range. But carefully placed shots can still be pretty accurate. Short range can be anything up to 50m. So it sounds about right. Im not saying perfect, but roughly. This game is by no means a perfect simulation, more of an estimation.

Besides, you were shooting at stationary targets I bet, try and pull off the same on moving targets. chances of hitting a moving target, let alone getting a headshot at 40m is not as simple.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.