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crew served weapons platforms
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I had a suggestion regarding your crew served

weapons such as your mortar systems and heavy weapons. I was in the
Army for 9 years in the infantry as a mortarman, there are very few
games that have the ability to operate a mortar system so I give
you props on putting it in your game. my suggestion is to let the
weapon system utilize it's full range for the maximum effect and to
make it available to carry multiple types of mortar systems, like
the 60 mm US mortar can be carried in several configurations mostly
by one person with a range of 3490 meters. For the heavy weapons
portion I would recommend reloads and that they carry the normal
load out on vehicles or emplacement's, and possibly have a few more
US weapons like the M249 SAW and M240B as well as helicopter mounts
for door gunners. I certainly appreciate your time reading this and
hope that you take it in consideration, on the positive side this
is the most realistic military sim that I have ever played and keep
up the good work. The attached picture is in hand held configuration which has a max range of 1300 meters {F19328} {F19329} {F19330} {F19331}


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Crew Served Weapons in General are badly implemented.

It would be good to see future Weapon systems well designed, and the ability for Weapons Crews to Shoulder Crates or Ammunition, with just a Rifle and a Few magazines for Security.

Like the XM307 which can be changed from 25mm grenades to 0.50cal MG in under 2mins. Plus all the other crew served weapons.

There will still be Crew Served Weapons platforms in the future.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Up voted, i like it.