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MH/AH-9 helicopters should not have a built-in GPS/Map
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The GPS and Map item usage is messed up for vehicles in general. The MH/AH-9 helicopters don't require this item to be present in your inventory (or in the vehicle inventory) to use the Right Ctrl+M GPS window or map (M). There are no MFD screens inside the helicopter cockpit - thus you should need a portable GPS/Map item for this window to function at all. The same issue is also with the map. If you don't have a map item on you - you can still use map screen in MH/AH-9.

Now compare this with let's say the Offroad vehicle. The offroad vehicle has an LCD screen and I bet they have a GPS/Map built-in by 2030s. Yet without the portable GPS/Map items - you can't use the GPS nor the Map inside this vehicle.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn as a civilian with a AH/MH-9 nearby.
  2. Go to the helicopter and remove the GPS item from the vehicle inventory.
  3. Run away from helicopter and drop your GPS and MAP items on the ground.
  4. Get inside the helicopter and you can use GPS (Right+Ctrl M) and MAP (M key).

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All aircraft have GPS/SatNav now, so they are not going to have it in the future! is this not nitpicking sir?

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Please read the issue description again.. All new cars have integrated touch screens with GPS/SatNav functionality nowadays.. Yet they can't use GPS/SatNav in Arma 3. Try the Offroad.

The MH/AH-9 doesn't even have MFD screens inside cockpit model. So either the GPS requirements are broken or the 3D model needs updating.

I actually think the reporter has a good point. If the helicopter does not have a built-in MFD screen, and the player drops his GPS. There should be no GPS inside the helicopter. I for one, want to see an ARMA where the instruments actually serve a purpose. In ARMA 2 and 1, they are just there for show and don't actually mean anything.

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