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Would be fine to have some utilities which help to navigate with Stars. Also would be an experience for everyone. {F19305} {F19306}


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Current geolocation is Prag and the date influence the starry heavens. But the moonphase not corresponds. Sometimes the moon, other planets and Sirius are visible at the day. On standarddate 06.06.2035 the moon in Prag is visible at the hole day not in the night. I'm not sure if I remember right and fallingstars where implemented since arma 2. If the sky at night is overcasted like a foggy sky, darker stars becomes invisible so that only planets and lighter stars left over. Then it is easier to see the constellations.

The attached simple starmap shows the northern sky. You only need to rotate the viewing panel arround the Northernstar into position of current date (addicted from timezone). The latitude of position influnce the visible view. On the sample map you see Pragview. In Athen (Startis) nearly the same time the northernstar is only shifted to north. If you look to the north, you should hold the map with northcorner to the bottom.

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In Arma 2 I remember reading that you could actually move around using the star as compass. I never tried it, for obvious reasons (obvious reasons being: It's difficult to tell a star from a tracer round).
I'm pretty sure they move depending on date (like the sun day time does...).

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