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Bullet impact and scope zoom.
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It is too hard to tell where your rounds are landing. Sometimes you can see a splash of dirt but in actuality it should be putting up a pretty good cloud of dust around where you're firing also making it harder for the person being shot at to return rounds accurately. You can see next to the fire the dirt cloud from rounds being shot. It would also help spot enemies with your team if you don't have tracer rounds. Also as the rounds get bigger the splash of dirt should get bigger and same with the cloud. This will also add a nice element to the night missions.

I also think that the current scopes need to have a bit less of a zoom. From the aco to the arco is a huge difference. Or at least add an ACOG scope that is right in between those distances. Seems a bit like a sniper rifle right now.


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Lay down a bunch of rounds on a hillside. You will get little splashes of dirt but no cloud.

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