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Automatically abort long lasting actions like healing by movement controls
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Performing long lasting actions like healing oneself or a team mate transforms the player into a sitting duck. Often you can only watch in awe and count the seconds while the enemy moves in, takes aim and ...

I remember that in a previous version of the alpha there was a new action option to explicitly abort healing, but this seems to have disappeared in the meanwhile.

I suggest to automatically abort any long lasting actions like healing yourself or another character as soon as the player presses a movement key.

Less preferred alternatives might be to reintroduce the action menu entry or a specific bindable key.


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  1. Get wounded.
  2. Start patching yourself up.
  3. Try to do something else while the treatment animation is running.

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This could cause problems in Multi-player when you are healing people and they don't know. What if they move, rotate or fire? It will become really difficult to heal people, it's not insurmountable just something to consider..As well as other issues which might arise from unintentional movement whilst trying to do any function.

I would prefer a cancel action button. Because unintentional movement will make long winded operations even longer.

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At a minimum dropping to prone or rolling when already in prone should dump the animation. There must be a way to get to safety in an emergency.

People should be required to cooperate if they want to receive healing/first aid. If they move away, then they probably did not want or care for such assistance anyway.

@Treehugger, have you played much Multiplayer? Because Often, even with TS or ACRE the noise of the Environment can really get in the way of "Hey, stay still.." Especially when MG's and Explosions are going off.

It's exactly the same if you are trying to dump stuff in a Team mates pack, like Morphine or a Belt of SAW Ammo.

Keep the current setup but Add cancel Button to jump out of action mid-flow.

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IMO the person being healed, movements should be locked. It should be the person healing / medic that should be able to abort the procedure. I think vanilla A2 always worked this way, and it was fine.

Besides, if someone is recieving treatment, like with the origional first aid modules, they are either unconscious / agony anyhow, so they wouldn't move.

I disagree with the above. Usually the person who is healing and who is healed are facing different directions. If an enemy walks in in the process, the medic might not see him, and the wounded person is the only one having time to react.
I'd better start the healing process again, than have both me and medic dead in such a case.

Besides, as was mentioned above, healing/being healed is the team interaction. It's you who need healing, not the medic. If you can't stand still for 10 seconds, that's your problem.

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